SACHS Race Engineering RCS adapter plates

SACHS Race Engineering RCS adapter plates
Adapter plates prevent wear on the flywheel. They must be centered on the flywheel and show the necessary contour for RCS clutches.

Clutches are normally bolted directly onto the flywheel. Wear results from the fact that the clutch works on a friction principle. This means that the clutch and the flywheel show the effects of abrasion. Since flywheels are generally expensive components, optional adapter plates can be used to protect the flywheel from wear. Adapter plates serve as a friction partner for the clutch. The flywheel is not exposed to wear, and therefore does not need to be replaced. Adapter plates can also be used to give a flywheel the right contour to be installed in an existing standard flywheel.

The adapter plate is centered via the outer diameter of the flywheel. It must be centered at least 1mm from the edge (please see illustration).

SeriesAdapter plate part numberØA+0.05ØBØC-0.05WeightMass of inertiaPrice, excl. VAT
RCS 14000 3021 999 524167mm154.45mm97mm0.77kg0.0034kgm2120,00 €
RCS 18400 3021 999 525215mm200mm132mm1.22kg0.0093kgm2130,00 €
RCS 20000 3021 999 526227mm214mm132mm1.48kg0.0123kgm2140,00 €