Schrick valve spring washers

Schrick valve spring washers
Why do I need washers?
The washers are needed to bring the springs to Schrick recommended installation length. The installation length is essentially important in later operation for the durability.

What is so special about Schrick washers?
It is no big secret to Schrick washers. Schrick washers are specially hardened and it does not come at the valve rotation during operation to demage the materials.

Schrick valve spring washer technical drawing here.
Part numbersdDPrice, excl. VAT
234130022.30mm24.0mm34.0mm1,74 €
234130042.00mm24.0mm34.0mm1,74 €
234130050.30mm24.0mm34.0mm1,74 €
895008010.25mm16.5mm32.0mm1,74 €
895008020.50mm16.5mm32.0mm1,74 €
895008030.75mm16.5mm32.0mm1,74 €
895008041.00mm16.5mm32.0mm1,74 €
895008050.25mm14.5mm30.0mm1,74 €
895008060.50mm14.5mm30.0mm1,74 €
895008070.75mm14.5mm30.0mm1,74 €
895008081.00mm14.5mm30.0mm1,74 €
895008090.25mm16.0mm22.0mm1,74 €
895008111.00mm16.0mm22.0mm1,74 €
895008120.25mm23.0mm30.0mm1,74 €
895008141.00mm23.0mm30.0mm1,74 €
895008150.25mm14.0mm26.0mm1,74 €
895008160.50mm14.0mm26.0mm1,74 €
895008171.00mm14.0mm26.0mm1,74 €
895008180.25mm16.0mm28.0mm1,74 €
895008190.50mm16.0mm28.0mm1,74 €
895008201.00mm16.0mm28.0mm1,74 €
895008210.25mm12.0mm20.0mm1,74 €
895008220.50mm12.0mm20.0mm1,74 €
895008231.00mm12.0mm20.0mm1,74 €